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Please take a look at the Sample Report to see an actual Home Inspection Report.

Home Inspections


Many times people ask us,  "What is involved in a Home Inspection?"  Home Inspections are very detailed looks at the various systems and components that make up your home.  All home inspectors have different methods and patterns that they use to go about inspecting homes.  This just allows them to have some type of routine about the inspection process.  In North and South Carolina, home inspections are governed by a Standard of Practice set forth by the state.  This is not intended to give a "Cookie Cutter" type feel to inspections, but to insure that consumers can expect a certain level of performance from inspectors.

My inspections normally flow in this direction:


  • I inspect the exterior and roof looking for any damage, shingles missing and damaged, wood trim, doors and other problems including exterior drainage and grading. 

  • This is also the time I crawl under the house if there is a crawlspace. Yes, I crawl the entire thing, even if it is low, dirty, stinky and filled with spiders.  Sounds good right? 

  • When I come inside, I check the attic, open the electrical panel, check outlets and lights, interior doors, windows, cycle the heating and A/C, run all plumbing fixtures, flush toilets, check all built in appliances and many other little things as I walk in and around the rooms of the home. 

  • There are literally dozens of things that I look at, inspect, check, run and test, that it is hard to list them all. 

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